Networking Your Toaster.

"Should we get a Roomba?" A question on the lips of every middle-class family in Australia from the mid-2000s onwards. A Roomba is an Australian-designed robot vaccuum cleaner that connects to the Internet to detect when and where your house needs a vaccuum.  Do you actually need this?  The Internet of Things (IoT) is great to … Continue reading Networking Your Toaster.

“You guys could do some really subversive stuff with this subject, hey?”

And the award for longest blog post title ever goes to... All the accounts in the above video follow me on Twitter. All of them tweet regularly. And all of them are bots. Totally fake. Mercifully, I'm able to spot these bots pretty easily. They just...don't seem real. The uncanny valley now applies to … Continue reading “You guys could do some really subversive stuff with this subject, hey?”

The Glut

Driven by a business model with an oversupply of consumer attention, and a scarcity of product, legacy media is propelled by hits.  The Internet is not hit-driven. You'll never pay money to access a website in a theatre, knowing that it will be gone in a month (and then come out on DVD six months later). Instead, … Continue reading The Glut

Outsourcing Creativity

Earlier this year, something weird happened to me. Instead of following the first-world trend of outsourcing work to elsewhere, someone outsourced their stuff to me.   A decentralised, distributed network runs this kind of thing perfectly; having a uni student proofread maybe wasn't what Paulo Amorim at Renato Archer CTI had in mind, but I had the … Continue reading Outsourcing Creativity