Since my initial pitch, I’ve tinkered with the core idea for my Digital Artefact somewhat, primarily to focus more on the long-term strategy for the society and to prevent clashing with Alex and Kelsea’s projects. Specifically, I’ve moved the strategy away from skill development and towards ingratiating the Digital Media Society with the university structure, with a particular focus on management and developing DMS as a first port of call for media students at UOW.

I’ve yet to release the master plan on Twitter, but I have received project feedback from my peers, whilst the Google Form system for feedback is fully operational (simply needing tailoring to each individual event). Overall trajectory will continue to value feedback (or in the case of events, an absence of this), with a more complete draft of the master plan to be released publicly in the coming weeks. Something that I’ve found surprisingly valuable for the plan is the large body of literature examining the value of STEM (Science, technology, engineering and medicine) societies on university campuses elsewhere – focusing on the technology aspect has provided some common ground to build off.

Read our plan here! Still very much a work in progress.


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University of Wollongong, (2015), 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. Understanding our why, available at, accessed 24/4/19


8 thoughts on “BCM325 Beta – UOW Digital Media Society Future Planning

  1. Hi Callum,
    I’m very interested and intrigued by your idea, as I myself often struggle with successfully creating networks with like-minded people whilst I spend my time here at UOW. I believe your idea of ingratiating the DMS within the university structure is very important as it will help to push the concepts of networking which is so extremely important in the digital media industry.
    You also mentioned how you looked into other society’s, in particular the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and medicine).
    This could ultimately be a way to extend your idea from not only helping media students past and present at the university, but students from multiple other faculties possibly experiencing the same kind of struggle when trying to network, or just looking for a ‘Hub’, where they can connect with like-minded people.

    You could possibly present the concept of creating a hub or website, that has a different section for each faculty of the uni. This hub could also prompt meetups and other helpful advice.
    Similar to something like this:

    Interested to see the finished product here, good luck with the rest of your DA.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. G’day Liam! Cheers for the positive feedback. We’ve already got students from other faculties in our membership (they all seem to be CompSci students joining us because the IT society isn’t as visible on campus, oops) but I definitely agree with you on the point of the hub website. Our Secretary, Kelsea Latham, is already working on this as her DA for BCM325 too! Here’s the link to her beta version of our site: Great minds think alike, it seems!
      All the best,


  2. Hi Callum,

    I am very intrigued in your DA, it seems very well thought through and very well researched.

    I like how you’ve drawn on research, both of your own, and others to back up the utility of your DA. I like how you’ve “future-proofed” your DA and is very clearly planned to be a sustainable, long term project.

    I’m very keen to see how it grows and expands!


  3. Hi Callum!

    Very interesting Digital Artefact! It’s something that I would not even fathom doing but you seem to be very well equipped with team working with you to produce something that is extremely current and relevant to all students within our community.

    The future of the Digital Media society looks amazing and I’m really happy for the future generations that will be able to turn to your group as a resource. I’ve seen several of DMS tweets on twitter but nothing of the sort at the actually Uni. Is it possibly for your team to perhaps advertise your group in places that have several students that would find this group useful? Perhaps in the art building in campus or even the innovation campus? Sorry if you promoted yourself there but I didn’t even know this group existed prior to this class, and I’m a third year Digital Media student.

    It’s good to see planning for the future of the group and I can see that this will become relevant for all future generations.

    Good luck and great work!


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