As our economy increasingly moves towards automation & casualization, and increases rates of technology uptake, the role of professional societies needs to change. As such, my Digital Artefact will track the evolution and future strategic planning for the Digital Media Society at UOW.

The advent of social media & technologies requires professional associations and student clubs at universities to reinvent themselves; no longer is it valuable to only release a quarterly magazine or run infrequent networking events. Associations need to constantly engage their audiences, both through online and in-person channels. Technological development is leading to a reality where casualization is rife, workers cannot keep up with rapid changes and are made obsolete, and affects both blue-collar and white-collar jobs alike (Novak & Dizdarevic, 2018). This overall challenging of the social contract, through so-called “crowd-based capitalism” will radically restructure the pillar institutions of market capitalism (Sundararajan, 2017).

The value of professional development-focused communities increasingly requires a diversity of perspective to remain relevant, something that fragmentation of disciplines makes even more difficult (Feingold & Estes, 2016). Embracing disciplines from other fields can assist this; roughly 30% of the Digital Media Society’s 170+ members come from non-media fields. This could be leveraged to improve skills and technology literacy, particularly when these are transferable (e.g. coding or blog writing).

This project will attempt to account for the above by developing and implementing a 5-year plan for the Society, developed through member consultation and available to all members, whilst refining our avenues to connect students with career opportunities and our workshops to support students in professional development.


Sundararajan, A (2017), ‘Crowd-Based Capitalism, Digital Automation, and the Future of Work’, University of Chicago Legal Forum, vol. 2017, pp. 487-511

Novak, V & Dizdarevic, D (2018), ‘The Future of Work in the Light of Technological Change’, International Journal of Economics and Law, vol. 8, no. 23, pp. 127-136

Feingold, R S & Estes, S G (2016), ‘The Politics, Roles, and Future of Professional Societies’, Quest, vol. 68, no. 3, pp. 284-291

15 thoughts on “BCM325 Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society

  1. Hi Callum,
    It looks like you have a lot of thought and history in regard to the Digital Media Society, probably makes you a great president. With Your Digital Artefact though, I’m a bit confused as to what your goals are. The pitch is very ambiguous and mentions three possible elements, the strategic plan, the google form to connect students to clients/work opportunities and the implementation of workshops to prepare for technologies coming within the next 5 years.
    There is a lot of social media mentioned within your pitch but I’m not seeing any that allows for feedback from less assessable sources and I’m worried that this will lead to things being missed. I am also concerned as to whether this reflects any possible futures or showcases any actual effect on it.
    I believe that maybe creating another blog that you use as a journal for some of the actions you are taking may be a better way to reach more audiences, especially if you put the links on sites like Reddit. This can a way for you to gain oversight and even suggestions you might not think of.
    Your Pitch looks great though and I’m excited to see what you’ll end up doing.
    Ps Here’s a link that explores future technologies, you may be able to use it to discuss workshops, future careers or the growing need for media and technology.


    1. Hi Travis, thank you for the feedback. I’m a bit confused as to what you mean by “less assessable sources” and gaining feedback from these, or what could be “missed” by these. It seems like a vague comment to make – could you specify exactly what you’re getting at, please?

      As for the concept itself: the pitch clearly states that the DMS digital artefact comprises three specific elements. I’m not sure how exactly you found issues with ambiguity about the concept and trajectory for the future, as these are directly accounted for (as indicated by the point you’ve made relating to workshop content being tailored for new technologies over the next five years).

      Keen to implement what you’ve said – I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

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      1. Hi Callum, I’ve rewatched your pitch a couple more times so that I could best explain myself and so you can understand where some of my thoughts lie.
        1st I find your pitch confusing and ambiguous best you spent majority of your pitch explaining your club and its executives. This led me wondering whether this is a group DA or individual, especially since you mention the executives twice within methodology when talking about sustaining social media and compiling your strategic plan. This also is expressed when you don’t detail what you are focusing on within the plan and how it will be moderated by your feedback loop (I worry that twitter tags won’t get you the detailed answers you need or appropriate suggestions)
        2nd what I meant by less accessible (sorry typo previously), is people who don’t go to UOW and have also experienced club culture and the need to retrain for new innovations can’t comment or help. You say that your DA is open source but it isn’t particularly true since the entirety of it will be confined to the university. That’s why I suggested the journal and reddit posts, so that you could gain insight from non-UOW students.
        3rd you stated in methodology as well as vocally that you would be getting feedback from your executive team and academics. I’m worried that this doesn’t allow for enough feedback for you to properly amend your DA and this is reinforced by how you state that technology is changing over the next 5 years and that it’s hard to stay confident using these tools.
        4th upon rewatching your pitch I understand what your goals/elements are but I don’t understand how you’ll successfully complete this or what that even may look like. Maybe an example would have been useful since that could be something for me to base what you are doing off.
        Otherwise, I’m still really interested in seeing how the club goes and I believe that your DA will positively impact it and make it better for those join after you’ve left the university. Thanks, Travis


      1. No problem man, I am just finding it hard to understand where and why I would give you a follow on soundcloud? is the Digital Media Society’s main content be on soundcloud? when is the tasty Rap music going to drop? I don’t understand how you’ll successfully complete this or what that even may look like – without facial tattoos to show your credibility. Very ambiguous path, or maybe i’m just jealous. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks, Phillip.

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  2. Hi Callum!
    As a digital media student I have obviously heard a lot about the Digital Media Society and see all the workshops and engagements on twitter. It is a fantastic foundation and I think you have done a great job building the society from scratch, it was about time we got our own society. You have covered everything asked in the project pitch, including your own background research.
    You seem to be engaging well on twitter so, ask people what they want. Promote on all of your socials, we are media students so we are bound to see it. Post in forums, the UOW Buy and Sell page; find out what you can focus more on in your content for the society.
    Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel with your workshops for people that aren’t able to attend? A DMS website that anyone can access? This might be excessive or not at all what you plan on doing but there are so many mediums available to get you and your society out there, just some suggestions!

    I have a couple of friends studying media courses at different Universities (in Sydney) and wondered if they had anything similar. There really isn’t much around at other Universities so I think it will be a cool idea to collaborate with other Universities or just reach out to non UOW students that might be interested in all the work you are putting in for DMS. Some clubs even make you students to join! Eventually you can probably do this and make the society something even bigger! This doesn’t have to be a short-term goal, especially since you are still completing your degree, just something to think about.

    The links below include the Sydney University and RMIT University’s brief description on their Media and Communication society. Look into them if you’d like; think of ways you could eventually improve them or share information with them!

    You have a great team behind you, I can’t wait to see where you take this society.
    – Em

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    1. Hi Em, thank you so much for your feedback! It’s funny that you should mention other societies – I had the exact same conversation with Chris earlier today about trying to scope out what other unis are doing with building communities of media students. As for the additional online products that you’ve brought up (website, video tutorials etc.), these are already on the table, but alas, time is a finite resource. Obviously these are things we’d love to do!
      Finally, it’s really encouraging for us that we’re doing something right, and gives us some direction as to where we can move in future. Thank you!

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  3. Hi Callum,

    Your DA seems like a great idea for the future of digital media students. To no surprise, as the president of the DMS you seem very focused and on top of this DA, showing evidence in your pitch of lots of background research.

    Similarly, I’m glad that you’ve also highlighted the time frame of the near future that you want to work in; specifically 5 years. knowing whether your DA discusses the near, middle, or distant future is paramount as it forms the foundation for rest of your DA.

    My only concern regarding your DA is the process of getting feedback and bettering your DA through this feedback loop. As your DA revolves around working in the digital sphere, promotion though an array of different online mediums is a necessity to generate more information of what your 5 year plan should be, and how to successfully implement it in a way that satisfies your members. 

    Here is a link to how technology could change the way we learn by 2028. 

    This would be a hard part of your 5 year plan to hypothesise, but having plans for the use of technologies that are not yet publicly available is an interesting angle.

    I cannot provide much help as to how to better your DA as you seem to have it all planned out already! Good luck, I look forward to seeing your DA’s relationship with the near future.

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    1. G’day Nick, thanks very much! You’re absolutely right, the feedback mechanism is something I’m still trying to iterate on and get right, and it is a bit weird trying to consider this stuff when we don’t know what’s going to happen next week, let alone in five years time!

      I’m currently reading through a report tailored to helping businesses predict and account for new developments, and it points to this idea of always keeping our eyes on what’s on the fringes – at the moment, that might be peer-to-peer direct messaging apps like Telegram, rather than a platform where everyone shares everything. It’s a great space to be in.

      Contrary to what you’ve said, your comment has been a big help. Thank you!


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