MEDA101 Assessment 3 – The Wait In filming and editing this piece, I elected to heavily rely upon two of Eisenstein's five methods of montage, these being rhythmic and intellectual, to create a narrative that conveys both an anxious wait for the commencement of a journey and a reflection upon a character's past. In regards to the rhythmic montage, I've taken inspiration … Continue reading MEDA101 Assessment 3 – The Wait

Clampdown Part 2: The Fall of MakerBot

With the advent of convergence, the development of technological platforms as products unto themselves rather than different iterations of the same medium has led to a divergence between two types of technology: linear closed technologies and modifiable, non-linear open-source technologies. Despite the advent of market capitalism, what with its neatly packaged tech gear that can't be modified without breaking … Continue reading Clampdown Part 2: The Fall of MakerBot

MEDA101 Assessment 2 For this assessment, I've worked to create a piece reflective of a journey, with a traveller beginning at the beginning of a piece and walking through a single, urban environment. To this end I utilised environmental sounds from two late-night walks home from a local train station, minimally editing some, in the fashion of David Monacchi's Integrated … Continue reading MEDA101 Assessment 2